Unite At 10 2023

WOW! 10 years of IWCBD! Congratulations to everyone who has taken part and has helped to make this event autonomous, inclusive and a world wide joy. 

This year we would love to see you celebrate 10 years with us and show the world what we can do. Take inspiration from a decade of brewing, your favourite theme or simply create a celebration ale. Whatever you do, we will love every drop! 

Let’s make Unite at 10 an event to be really proud of and celebrate women and other minorities within the industry. 

Happy collaboration.

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Unite Celebration 2022

The last year seems to have flown by quicker than usual, but with good reasons. It’s been a great year to see so many collaborating projects and with the likes of Brave Noise, GLOW and Impetuosa Beer taking place we would love to see everyone in the industry celebrating!

We should be celebrating what we have achieved in the industry, as a network, as a brewery, as a brewer. So let’s get out there and celebrate in style. The best way to do that? Well, it’s to brew a beer of course!
Let’s kick start 2022 with Unite Celebration!

Happy collaboration people.

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Unite Compassion 2021

2020 was a world changing year for everyone, not only have we experienced the turmoil of Covid-19 we have seen political unrest and unhappiness.

In light of everything we would love to give IWCBD 2021 a theme of Compassion.

We understand that it will be a challenging event as no one really knows what position the world will be in come 8th March. The event may see small restricted turnouts or possibly the idea of virtual brew days will happen. Whatever way you think you might see the collaboration happening, we will be here to help you make the most of the networking, learning and laughing.

We hope that you can partake in this years event and give some Compassion into the world from an industry that you love.

Please remember, above everything else, stay safe.

Happy brewing, from the IWCBD team.

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Unite Compassion 2021 Map

Unite Tribute 2020

Welcome to our 7th annual collaboration brew event! The Unite brews always spark passion, excitement and challenges and we hope the 2020 theme will continue to do just this.

This year we would like to ‘Tribute’ your beers. As always you can interpret the theme in any which way; maybe you would like to tribute a brew to an individual who has inspired you, a region or country that you are in, or tribute to a beer that made you fall in love with what we do.

As ever the event is completely autonomous, giving you the freedom to do what you do best. For this event, we have put together a short sign up sheet so we can have all the information needed to place you on the Unite map. You can find it here (Google account needed to sign in!): https://forms.gle/CTKzsmq8utT6tMSd8

We would also love to hear about fringe events that will be highlighting the brews, the event and the people involved. So please let us know and tag us in #unitetribute and #IWCBD.

Happy brewing everyone!
Your IWCBD Team

Unite Forage 2019

In the 6th year we introduce “Unite Forage”

It has been incredible to watch the response, excitement, and growth of the event over the last few years and the increase of women in the industry is noticeable.

The IWCBD Team are committed to keeping the event going autonomously with enthusiasm and energy. This means that each participant is in full control of their events with the option to donate to a charity of choice.

This year we are introducing the theme of ‘foraging’. Each year it’s been great to see the experimental aspect of the beers produced and we hope this will be a welcomed challenge. Whether you want to capture yeast/bacteria for a wild brew or collect some local fruits, herbs or spices. The forage is up to you to make this years ‘Unite Forage’ an unforgettable brew.

Unite Exotic 2018

Annual Event Celebrates 5thAnniversary with “Unite Exotic”

It seems like it was only a couple of years ago that the ideas were flying across the globe to create a world renowned collaborative brew day to unite women brewers. Here we are now, five years later and as excited as ever.

Welcome to the 5th anniversary of International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day and our 5th Unite Brew: ‘Unite Exotic’.

The inspiration for Unite Exotic was born this summer along the Equator. IWCBD Founder Sophie de Ronde was fortunate enough to experience a South American Adventure with her partner and, whilst supping on a luscious fruity cocktail, came up with an Exotic thought. IWCBD Director Denise Ratfield quickly jumped at the idea for the 2018 theme and, together with graphic artist Monarose Ryan, once again collaborated to design the new artwork.

After seeing a wonderful indulgence to locality, with 2017’s Unite Local, we are asking you to search far and wide for those exotic ingredients. Fruits, cereals, yeasts, flowers, herbs and spices (and anything else you can think of!) are all welcome to provide that exotic twist to your wonderful brews.

Unite Exotic Map

Unite Local 2017

After a fabulous year of brewers expressing themselves in 2016 with “Unite Expression”, this year will see brewers support locally sourced ingredients to create “Unite Local”.

For this beer, you don’t have to use everything 100% local, we understand that this could be very difficult for some. However, we would like you to find at least one true local ingredient to use in this year’s recipe. Once again, call upon your friends and local brewing community and even local farmers to gain the knowledge of your local ingredient(s) and how best to use them.

Map for 2017: Unite Local Map

To get your brewery on the map e-mail details to: iwcbday@gmail.com

Unite Pale 2014

The idea for the first brew was to be able to simply unite all the brewers together to see how the concept worked.

A simple recipe was put together using ingredients that all brewers would be able to get their hands on. A low ABV pale ale made with cascade hops was the criteria. Parameters for colour, bittering and abv were set with the idea of comparisons of the same recipe across the globe. The differences between the brews were astounding and really did highlight the characteristic of each brewery and showed how no recipe can be truly duplicated. ‘Unite Pale’ was thus born and the idea for future events grew.

Map for 2014: Unite Pale Map


Unite Expression 2016

Seeing the desire of brewers wanting to try different styles, 2016 introduced a different angle of uniting—’Expression’.

Unite Expression’s parameters made sure that brewers had to use an ingredient that they had never used before or to brew a style that they have never made before. The idea behind this particular day was to encourage brewers to talk to other brewers so they could learn and develop their own skills; or to collaborate with other local industries and use their knowledge of specialist ingredients. The event, again, was a resounding success and continues to grow momentum.

Map for 2016: Unite Expression Map