Unite Compassion 2021

2020 was a world changing year for everyone, not only have we experienced the turmoil of Covid-19 we have seen political unrest and unhappiness.

In light of everything we would love to give IWCBD 2021 a theme of Compassion.

We understand that it will be a challenging event as no one really knows what position the world will be in come 8th March. The event may see small restricted turnouts or possibly the idea of virtual brew days will happen. Whatever way you think you might see the collaboration happening, we will be here to help you make the most of the networking, learning and laughing.

We hope that you can partake in this years event and give some Compassion into the world from an industry that you love.

Please remember, above everything else, stay safe.

Happy brewing, from the IWCBD team.

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Unite Compassion 2021 Map


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