Unite Tribute 2020

Welcome to our 7th annual collaboration brew event! The Unite brews always spark passion, excitement and challenges and we hope the 2020 theme will continue to do just this.

This year we would like to ‘Tribute’ your beers. As always you can interpret the theme in any which way; maybe you would like to tribute a brew to an individual who has inspired you, a region or country that you are in, or tribute to a beer that made you fall in love with what we do.

As ever the event is completely autonomous, giving you the freedom to do what you do best. For this event, we have put together a short sign up sheet so we can have all the information needed to place you on the Unite map. You can find it here (Google account needed to sign in!): https://forms.gle/CTKzsmq8utT6tMSd8

We would also love to hear about fringe events that will be highlighting the brews, the event and the people involved. So please let us know and tag us in #unitetribute and #IWCBD.

Happy brewing everyone!

Your IWCBD team

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