Unite Exotic 2018

Annual Event Celebrates 5thAnniversary with “Unite Exotic”

It seems like it was only a couple of years ago that the ideas were flying across the globe to create a world renowned collaborative brew day to unite women brewers. Here we are now, five years later and as excited as ever.

Welcome to the 5th anniversary of International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day and our 5th Unite Brew: ‘Unite Exotic’.

The inspiration for Unite Exotic was born this summer along the Equator. IWCBD Founder Sophie de Ronde was fortunate enough to experience a South American Adventure with her partner and, whilst supping on a luscious fruity cocktail, came up with an Exotic thought. IWCBD Director Denise Ratfield quickly jumped at the idea for the 2018 theme and, together with graphic artist Monarose Ryan, once again collaborated to design the new artwork.

After seeing a wonderful indulgence to locality, with 2017’s Unite Local, we are asking you to search far and wide for those exotic ingredients. Fruits, cereals, yeasts, flowers, herbs and spices (and anything else you can think of!) are all welcome to provide that exotic twist to your wonderful brews.

Unite Exotic Map

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