In 2013 the idea for the IWCBD came from Project Venus member, Sophie de Ronde—Head Brewer at Burnt Mill Brewery, Suffolk, UK. Project Venus is a UK based group of “brewsters” (female brewers), who get together for collaboration brews. The brewsters take it in turn to host a collaboration brew at their places of work and will generally produce a beer with a particular theme or style. The idea of taking the brew days internationally was discussed at a Venus brew and 8th March, International Women’s Day, seemed like the most logical day to hold the event.

Reorganization: IWCBD and the Unite beer brand was originally promoted by Denise Ratfield via the Pink Boots Society website during her tenure as Social Media Committee Chairwoman for the organization. At the completion of this 2 year volunteer position with PBS, she and Founder Sophie de Ronde made the decision to run the event autonomously in order to maintain it’s original vision.

Expanding the Team: As 2018 was drawing to a close it was decided the time was right to expand our team.

Ratfield has decided to step back and open up the opportunity for a fresh face to take on the organization of the event. Maintaining the international aspect of the project, we searched over the globe and found an enthusiastic fermentation specialist, who jumped at the chance to become involved. Gaia Freytag fell in love with beer while studying Food science and Technology between Italy and Belgium and is now working as the Quality Manager of Birrificio del Ducato in Parma, Italy.

Ratfield will always remain an integral part of the team and we thank her from the bottom of our fermenters for the hard work and time she has put into IWCBD.

Gaia has had a wonderful time with IWCBD, but has made the decision to step away due to work and self development commitments. Thank you for your amazing work with us and good luck for the future.

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